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Peregrinatio corporis of the body of saint Pius X

Minister of the Gospel, Pastor of the Church
Treviso and Riese Pio X, 6 – 15 October 2023

Papa Pio X
For the 120th anniversary of the election of Giuseppe Sarto as Pope, taking the pontifical name of Pius X, the Giuseppe Sarto Foundation, the Diocese of Treviso, the Parish of Saint Matthew in Riese Pio X, and the Municipality of Riese Pio X wish to honour this great pope and saint with the Pilgrimage of the Pope's body, so the body is coming back to Treviso and Riese Pius X from 6th to 15th October 2023 for the first time in history.
It will be a chance to reinterpret and underscore the modernity, contemporaneity and complexity of this great religious and historical figure, one of the most important and profound reformers in the history of the Catholic Church.
“I’ll come back, dead or alive”
Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto, Venice July 1903